WNA Membership Benefits

Wisconsin Nonprofits Association (WNA) membership provides you with products, programs, and services to save you time and money!

Pricing discounts from more than 150 vendors (Care Purchasing Services)

Pricing discounts from more than 250 vendors through WNA partner Care Purchasing Services. Acting as your personal shopper, CPS will help you find savings on everything from office and cleaning supplies to food purchases, medical supplies, cell phones and more. Easy to access and holds great savings potential for your organization and employees. CPS will even take a look at your current invoices and do an “apples to apples” comparison to see where they can save you money.

Discounted job postings at WNA’s Career Center

The WNA Career Center is the go-to spot for both nonprofit job seekers and nonprofit employers in Wisconsin. Our career center boasts over 1000 individual job views per month along with the ability for job seekers to post their resumes for you (the employer) to view. Job seekers can set up alerts on the Career Center so, when a job matching their criteria is posted, they are informed about it. As a member of WNA, you receive the following benefits with the job board:

  • Discounted pricing on all job position packages
  • Occasional coupons on different upgrades and additional packages
  • Option to expand your job search beyond Wisconsin through our connections with other job boards
  • A variety of additions including banner ads, Diversity and Veteran upgrades, along with TalentBoost and collective network upgrades

Discounted Add on Option for Access To GrantStation
Are you struggling to identify good new funding sources? Is the lack of time limiting your ability to submit important grant requests? Do you already have a grant applications strategy for 2020? These are significant issues that many nonprofit organizations struggle to overcome. Beginning November 15, Wisconsin Nonprofits Association is partnering with GrantStation to help keep your organization financially healthy by building a strong grant-seeking strategy.

GrantStation gives you the tools to discover new grant sources, build up a stronger grant-seeking program, and write top grant proposals. Your annual access ($699 value) is only $75.00 per year, thanks to your membership with Wisconsin Nonprofits Association! This is lower than any promotional rate available. Stay tuned for updates.

Fast-Tracked access to TechSoup

The Wisconsin Nonprofits Association, in partnership with the TechSoup, is excited to announce that as a WNA member, your organization has been fast-tracked to receive software and hardware donations through TechSoup’s technology discount program. TechSoup helps nonprofits get and use technology. More than 720,000 nonprofits, foundations, libraries, and religious organizations have been receiving technology donations through TechSoup efforts.

Through their bulk services, TechSoup is able to quickly register your organization and provide you with login credentials to access products and services from over 80 donating technology partners. Nonprofits have saved thousands of dollars through TechSoup’s programs—funds that can be reinvested in your relevant services.

Unemployment Services Trust (UST)

We partner with UTS (Unemployment Services Trust) to support our members with lowering the unemployment cost at their nonprofit. UST is a member-owned grantor Trust that, over the past 35 years, helped nonprofits with carefully managing their claims costs via education, claims management expertise, and building reserves. UST can help you save on unemployment costs through a tax alternative called “direct reimbursing” and offers additional services that can help you minimize paperwork burdens and maintain HR best practices:

  • Qualifying nonprofits may receive up to 60 percent in savings when compared to state unemployment tax
  • They can receive 1-on-1 advice and services regarding claims monitoring from their state-specific claims representatives and 100 percent representation in claims hearings
  • The UST HR Workplace will provide you with easy access to resources such as: HR document library, expert HR Hotline, multiple online compliance & training courses for employees
  • UST’s latest member benefit, CareerArc, provides tools that help displaced employees find a job sooner—lowering unemployment costs while establishing goodwill with former employees

National Council of Nonprofits Access
Through WNA’s affiliation with the National Council of Nonprofits, you are part of a national network of policy tracking that prevents threats to the nonprofits sector and provides shared services that build the capacity of nonprofits to operate in increasingly complex and challenging environments. Services you receive include:

  • Bi-weekly Nonprofit Advocacy Matters e-newsletters, informing you of important public policy issues and developments facing nonprofits at the federal and state levels

Discounts on Bloomerang
Bloomerang’s highly powerful donor-management software is combining the knowledge of Adrian Sargeant, the famous fundraising professor, Tom Ahern, communications expert and author, Kivi LeRoux Miller, digital marketing leader, and Jay Love, technical industry expert veteran.

Bloomerang is focusing on the basics of relationship management (the functionality fundraisers use most) and don’t mess with superficial bells & whistles that are looking good on paper but just are distracting from what matters and what you’ll need to be successful.

Bloomerang built CRM to help you become successful. Through the partnership of WNA with Bloomerang, members can benefit from these benefits:

  • A discount of 10% off of their core database fees
  • Free access to their recorded webinars and upcoming webinars, hosted every week on topics ranging from donor engagement to effective board governance
  • Educational resources and Group Training on their CRM to help your nonprofit succeed

Reduced Registration Fees
You will enjoy significantly reduced registration fees to all of WNA’s conferences.

Wisconsin State Compensation Report at Reduced Cost

50% discount on the Wisconsin State Compensation Report published by Columbia Books every year.

Receive Member-only WNA newsletter

Monthly WNA e-newsletters, in which we highlight important association developments and upcoming events.

In addition to the cost-saving benefits described above, your membership also supports a number of other ongoing and important activities at WNA, including: legislative monitoring at the local, state and federal levels for developments which may impact your ability to accomplish your mission; free webinars covering a variety of public policy topics, and technical assistance for nonprofits on a wide range of issues and organizational needs.

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