Nonprofit Wisconsin In Brief: Size and Scope Report

This Wisconsin Nonprofit “Size & Scope” report provides an overview of the State’s nonprofit sector. The report is designed to promote an understanding of the importance of Wisconsin’s nonprofit sector to the well-being of Wisconsin’s citizens by providing the following:
  • Background on how nonprofits are defined and classified
  • Explanation of those nonprofits for which data are easily available— or not—and why
  • Numbers and growth of Wisconsin’s nonprofit sector
  • Information about nonprofit revenue -- amounts and sources
  • Facts about nonprofits that correct common misunderstandings about the sector
  • Highlights regarding unique and important aspects of the sector.

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This report reveals the following (and more):
  • Wisconsin’s nonprofit sector is growing and there are many more nonprofits than we are able to easily count.
  • Nonprofits rely on a broad array of revenue sources and amounts and sources of revenue vary significantly among different types of nonprofits.
  • Government continues to rely on nonprofits to perform a number of key functions in our communities and challenges remain related to the contracts and grants involved.
  • Both staff and volunteers play critical roles in carrying out nonprofit missions.

pdfDownload the full report here