Overtime Regulation for Nonprofits

As we know, the news of the overtime regulations has been met with a mixed bag of enthusiasm and unease. It is very hard to argue that those of us working in the nonprofit sector do not deserve a raise, since we work very hard, constantly fight to burn out, and have to adjust to many externalities that are not always under our control.

In the following Idaho nonprofit center video, Join Jason Mau (Attorney) and Karen Baerlocher (Owner of Peak View Performance Solutions) discuss and examine the changes to federal rules that govern employment and contracting practices. These changes may potentially affect the operations and costs of nonprofits. The changes will specifically affect organizations that receive government grants and/or contracts.

On the other hand, many organizations are already struggling with finding the money to keep day to day operations going, let alone increasing salaries for full-time employees or paying hourly employees overtime pay.


These are good articles because they outline the process that one nonprofit is going through to comply with the regulations: determining which staff will become salaried, which will stay hourly, or if cutting staff will be necessary. Nonprofits still have time to take these steps to avoid violation of the requirements come December 1. WNA encourages all Wisconsin nonprofits to look at their staffing structure and the new overtime requirements to ensure that they will be in compliance.

Wisconsin Nonprofit Association (WNA) encourages Wisconsin nonprofit organizations to take steps to comply with the new overtime regulations, rather than ignore them. Noncompliance with these regulations carry heavy repercussions and we do not want nonprofits to be hit with these fines simply because they were hoping these regulations would not go into effect.

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