Common Ground for Common Good

Please join us for an informative and lively monthly discussion of key policy issues facing nonprofits in Wisconsin. Every month at noon, WNA Public Policy Committee members will lead a phone and web call-in session on important state and federal developments that are likely to impact the nonprofit sector. Check out the following video if you’re getting ready to start your own nonprofit organization.

Topics have ranged from state budget advocacy training sessions to interviews with policy-makers themselves, from analyses of federal tax policy issues that are sure to affect your bottom line to reviews of the state legislature’s rule-revision process that is fully underway.

Simply put, you won’t want to miss these free sessions.

Advocacy and Public Policy

Are you a volunteer, a director, or a staff member who has been charged with the responsibility of fundraising? If this is one of your roles and you want to develop your knowledge of fundraising, this is the workshop for you.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Legal and ethical considerations of Fundraising
  • First Steps: Setting the Stage for Success
  • Basic approaches to annual campaigns, special events, direct mail, major gifts, capital campaigns
  • Personal solicitation: Preparation is key
  • Who raises the money: staff or board?
  • What to include in a grant proposal
  • Donor’s Bill of Rights
  • Key Pieces of a ‘case statement’
  • Developing a strategic fundraising plan
  • Measuring fund development progress and success
  • Hear from guest experts about accountability

Using a donor-centered approach, this day-long seminar focuses on the role of donors in the fund-raising process, individuals, corporations, religious organizations, foundations, government, and others. Prime focus on is shared values, relationships, and results. Potential constituencies are examined along with communication processes, as well as growth and retention strategies. The organization, management, Boards, volunteers and the various methods of fund-raising are reviewed, with emphasis on personalization and engagement of donors. The seminar ends with an exercise in the personal charitable solicitation of individuals.

Advanced Grantwriting: Writing Winning Proposals

With dwindling budgets and an increase in the number of organizations seeking funding, finding and securing a grant is becoming increasingly more difficult. This interactive workshop will take you through the grant application process, step-by-step. Identify common grant-writing blunders, clarify your program objectives and refine your proposal. In this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Research grants that fit your mission
  • Write compelling goals & objectives
  • Create a budget for your proposal
  • Develop an evaluation strategy to measure effectiveness
  • Oversee the administrative aspects of a grant once it has been allocated
  • Identify grant-writing pitfalls

Effectively Working With the Nonprofit Board

Developing effective working relations with the board of directors is essential for a nonprofit to survive and thrive.  If you are an executive director, board president, or board member, this workshop will assist you in moving your organization forward.  Topics to be covered include:

  • Role and responsibility of the board – legal, fiscal and fundraising committee roles and staff supervision
  • Common Issues and how to overcome them
  • Resources for board members
  • Board recruitment-How to get and keep the best!
  • Planning and conducting board meetings
  • How to be an effective chairperson
  • Planning and conducting board meetings
  • How to be an effective chairperson
  • How to increase your effectiveness through board assessment tools
  • Differentiating between staff roles & board roles
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