We, Wisconson Nonprofits Association (WNA), want to involve connecting with nonprofits around the state on the one hand, and engaging in some advocacy work on the other.

As we reach out to the state, we want to engage local partners who know the community and are already a resource for nonprofits in their area. We want to offer training in advocacy, governance, fund development – whatever the partner thinks is most needed.

But we also want to hear from the nonprofit leaders about what they want from a state association. What benefits do you want from involvement with WNA? Each section of the state is different and has its own unique flavor or personality—the nonprofits in the area reflect that. It is of no use to assume that one size fits all, so we want to learn from you.

On the advocacy side, we’ll follow the lead of the National Council of Nonprofits who has a strong, robust legislative agenda. Combining that with the soon-to-be-released state budget draft, we’ll shape our advocacy agenda and define what we engage our legislators about. Of course, we know that we are not alone. We’re also looking to see who is already doing this work so we can then support that initiative.

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