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20 June 2017

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Save the Date - Meet & Greet in Eau Claire

27 April 2017

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SAVE THE DATE - The Wisconsin Nonprofits Association (WNA) wants to meet you in Eau Claire on Tuesday, May 23rd. WNA is Wisconsin's premier, one-stop resource for the nonprofit sector, offering training and technical assistance, serving as a unified voice for advocacy issues, and providing cost-saving benefits to Members. Please join us at one or both of the events below:


2:30 - 4:00 PM

More than coffee and icebreakers - Info Session: The Wisconsin Nonprofits Association (WNA) has developed exciting strategic goals to strengthen the work of Wisconsin's nonprofits. WNA staff invite you to hear about the future in-store and what that means for you and your organization. Designed to be a two way conversation, come meet staff one-on-one and share your thoughts on what YOU think WNA should know about the sector in your region, how WNA can make it more successful, and what you see as the biggest challenge facing your organization.

Cost: Free

Location: Holiday Inn Eau Claire South, Milan Room


4:30 - 6:30 PM

Nonprofit Happy Hour - Eau Claire is home to dozens of nonprofit organizations all working to make a better city for all. In effort to collaborate and break down barriers, the Wisconsin Nonprofits Association is hosting a Nonprofit Happy Hour in collaboration with the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network.

Cost: Free

Location: Infinity Winery & Distillery



Sign the Community Letter in Support of Nonprofit Nonpartisanship TODAY

24 March 2017


Sign the Community Letter in Support of Nonprofit Nonpartisanship TODAY


Nonprofits are safe spaces in our communities, designed to be above the political fray. They also serve as "gap fillers," serving the communities that are neglected and ignored by the for profit and government spheres. Nonpartisanship allows us to focus on solving problems, helping our neighbors, enriching our communities, and it strengthens the public’s trust of the charitable community.


Nonpartisanship is under imminent threat. The longstanding legal protection (known as the Johnson Amendment) – which allows 501(c)(3) nonprofits to speak out on issues of the day and advocate on legislation, but prohibits supporting or opposing candidates for office is under imminent threat.


In recent weeks, the President vowed to “get rid of and totally destroy the Johnson Amendment.” The Chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee said he intends to repeal the law as part of comprehensive tax reform, and the House Majority Whip is a lead sponsor of one of the bills to weaken the protection. That legislation (H.R.781S.264) would blur the current clear language that conditions tax-exempt status and the ability to receive tax-deductible donations in part on not engaging in partisan, election-related activities for or against candidates for public office.

Speak up now. The Wisconsin Nonprofits Association, together with the National Council of Nonprofits, our nationwide network, and nonprofits and foundations from across the country, have proudly signed onto a special Community Letter in Support of Nonpartisanship. We strongly urge your organization to join us by:


1. Signing the letter - join us and nearly 2000 nonprofits, foundations, and supporting businesses in signing the Community Letter by Monday, April 3 at 1:00 p.m. EST. This important document will show representatives the interest across the country on this important issue.


2. Sharing the letter broadly - Share with your board members, your colleagues at other organizations, and others in your networks who support preserving the protections in current law. 


Together, we can protect nonprofit missions from the rancor of partisan politics.




Meagan Holman

Advocacy Director

Wisconsin Nonprofits Association

State of the Organization

23 March 2017

We'rerobmeiksinsround back. It's no secret that the Wisconsin Nonprofits Association has been quiet for about a year. During that time, the Board leadership has been doing a lot of asking and listening. The question was, “is there still support for the mission of WNA?” Listening revealed that yes, nonprofits really DO want a statewide association.

So with that in mind, a new partnership has been developed. WNA will now be managed by the Nonprofit Center of Milwaukee for the foreseeable future. I'm the CEO of the Center (I’ll be serving as WNA’s Director) and I cannot tell you how excited I am about this.

The Nonprofit Center has been around for 50 years serving the sector in southeast Wisconsin. We have a long track record of supporting organizations and people with training, consulting, coaching and advocacy. Our mission is to be a catalyst, promoting the interests and enhancing the effectiveness of the nonprofit sector in southeast Wisconsin. Our recently completed strategic planning process includes a goal to expand our footprint, so this new partnership is perfectly timed. We believe that although a nonprofit might be located in Milwaukee, that organization must see itself in the context of the bigger statewide sector in order to thrive. The same is true for an organization in Eau Claire, Green Bay or Mauston.

So what now? The first steps we’ll take involve connecting with nonprofits around the state on the one hand, and engaging in some advocacy work on the other.

As we reach out to the state, we want to engage local partners who know the community and are already a resource for nonprofits in their area. We want to offer training in advocacy, governance, fund development – whatever the partner thinks is most needed. But we also want to hear from the nonprofit leaders about what they want from a state association. What benefits do you want from involvement with WNA? Each section of the state is different and has its own unique flavor or personality—the nonprofits in the area reflect that. It is of no use to assume that one size fits all, so we want to learn from you.

On the advocacy side, we’ll follow the lead of the National Council of Nonprofits who has a strong, robust legislative agenda. Combining that with the soon-to-be-released state budget draft, we’ll shape our advocacy agenda and define what we engage our legislators about. Of course, we know that we are not alone. We’re also looking to see who is already doing this work so we can then support that initiative. Meagan Holman, Advocacy Director, will be leading this initiative. Please reach out to her about any advocacy topic that is affecting your organization or the sector.

We're hitting the road. This is going to be a very important year for WNA. There is much activity happening locally and nationally that is going to change the landscape for our sector. I’m looking forward to meeting as many nonprofits as possible over the coming year and learning what we can do to support our sector that does so much for this state. I believe that a strong, statewide nonprofit association is a tool we all need help our sector thrive and continue to have a positive impact on our communities. Your involvement is going to be critical to that strength.

Thanks for reading this letter. If you would like to share your thoughts and reactions, I would be glad to hear from you. Please email me at or call 414-269-8571.