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New Advocacy Training Opportunity Available -  Accomplishing Your Mission Through Effective Storytelling: Advocacy for Today’s Nonprofit

The session – free to WNA members! – will be offered four times this summer and fall, beginning on August 4th in Milwaukee.

Please click here for more information.


WNA is excited to announce the first of several small group discussions  regarding the nonprofit-government contracting experience in Wisconsin

The goal for these events is to have a frank and comprehensive discussion with nonprofit leaders in several communities throughout Wisconsin. What we learn from these discussions will inform our policy work in the coming months and years in this critical area of public policy for nonprofits. The first of these will take place in Madison on July 28th.

Click here for more information and to register.


Wisconsin Nonprofits Association is pleased to announce it has hired John Keckhaver as its new Executive Director

John had been serving in an interim role for the organization since last fall.

"John brings a wealth of nonprofit and public policy knowledge and experience to the table, and we are thrilled to have him leading our organization," stated Bill Gollmar, WNA Board President and Vice President of Operations at Meta House, in Milwaukee.

John is an attorney and lobbyist with 14 years of government relations experience, including in the State Capitol and with two of the state's premier public policy organizations: the Center on Wisconsin Strategy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families. John has served on the WNA Board of Directors in the past as well as the co-chair of its Public Policy and Advocacy Committee.
"I've followed WNA since its inception in 2007, and am excited to now be leading the organization," stated Keckhaver. "WNA will provide a strong, informed and clear voice on behalf of this critical sector in Wisconsin."
The Wisconsin Nonprofits Association provides public policy and advocacy representation, technical assistance, and a variety of purchasing benefits to its members. Its website also includes a comprehensive training/event calendar as well as a heavily visited nonprofit job board.
Individuals, nonprofit organizations and businesses are invited to explore WNA membership and to get involved in its work throughout the state. Upcoming events include a series of listening sessions on nonprofit/government contracting issues as well as a series of nonprofit advocacy and effective storytelling training sessions.

Wisconsin Nonprofits Association 2014 Public Policy Agenda

The Wisconsin Nonprofits Association (WNA) considers advocacy for the nonprofit sector and its interests within the policy-making arena one of its primary missions. The issues described below are critical to the success of the sector as a whole and to the ability of individual nonprofits to thrive. WNA plans to aggressively pursue improvements in these areas in the coming year. We also invite members, policymakers and the public to weigh in on these and other issues important to nonprofits in Wisconsin, and we urge everyone to join us in our efforts. We all benefit from successful nonprofits.
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