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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, November 25 - FREE
Title: Non-Profit Roundtable - Eau Claire

Tuesday, November 25 - FREE
Title: Being Heard:  How to Tell Your Nonprofit's Story So People Will Listen

Tuesday, December 2
Title: Nonprofit Trends 2015:  What's Next?

Tuesday, December 2 - FREE
Title: Non-Profit Roundtable - Milwaukee

Thursday, December 4 - UW-Superior Campus
Title: Coaching for Peak Performance

Tuesday, December 9 - FREE
Title: Non-Profit Roundtable - Waukesha

Thursday, December 11 - UW-Superior Campus
Title: Basic Financial Management

Thursday, December 11 - FREE
Title: Toeing the Line: Addressing Common Legal Pitfalls in Family Foundation Governance: Webinar

>> WNA EVENT Friday, December 19
Title: Public Policy and Nonprofits Noon Hour Discussions - WNA Policy Agenda for 2015/16:  Get Engaged


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The Wisconsin Nonprofits Association (WNA) is a statewide membership organization whose mission is to help strengthen Wisconsin’s nonprofits. We use a number of strategies to accomplish this, including: (1) providing public policy information and advocacy on nonprofit issues; (2) ensuring access to education and training opportunities; (3) delivering technical assistance, and (4) offering a comprehensive package of cost-saving benefits. Begun in 2007, WNA now has over 400 organizational members along with a number of individual and for-profit affiliate members and foundation supporters. We invite you to get involved and join us in our work on behalf of the large and diverse nonprofit sector in Wisconsin.

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